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Need insurance protection for your home, automobile, watercraft, aircraft, recreational vehicles, fine art, jewelry, or special event? At the Verrico Insurance Agency, we have the answers.

Our experienced Account Managers are licensed professionals who will work with you to evaluate and find the best solutions to fit your needs. We have an intriguing range of options and broad coverages with some of the best insurance companies – which can be designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

One of the most important decisions you can make for your future is choosing an adequate life insurance policy. At Verrico Insurance Agency, we can help you through the decision making process.

Whether you want to provide your beneficiaries with tax free income, replace income lost when you die, be able to direct monetary assets for final expenses and estate taxes, or contribute to charity, we can help you choose the life insurance policy which will meet your needs and budget.

Having a life insurance is essential for:

  1. Savings - If money is not paid out as a death benefit, some types of life insurance can provide a cash value.
  2. Final expenses – your life insurance policy can be put toward funeral and burial expenses.
  3. Income for your spouse, children, or other dependents - a life insurance policy can give them the income they need when you die. Often the income is for dependent children, but can be directed to your partner to replace lost income.
  4. Inheritance – you can use your life insurance policy as an inheritance to your spouse, children, or other dependents, even if you don't currently have assets to pass on.
  5. Paying taxes
  6. Contributing to charity

Our agents at Verrico Insurance Agency can guide you through varied types of Pennsylvania life insurance policies which are available to you and we can help you select the life insurance policy which will meet your life insurance needs, budget, and future goals.

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